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Furnture RepairPeople ask us all the time whether they can use the furniture we repair for them without having to worry, and the short answer is definitely YES !.

Our repair work is not only guaranteed to last but it will also look good, so good in fact you may not be able to find the repairs.

As furniture gets old the everyday wear and tear will slowly but surely loosen joints, it is at this point that a thorough regluing job is in order, if postponed, the next thing that will occur is breakage.

And just because the glue bond between joints has given way it doesn't mean the piece of furniture is not of good quality, it is only a matter of glue dehydration and when done properly ,having it reglued (by us) will put your piece back into service for years to come.

Some repairs involve the manufacturing of new pieces, and we are fully equipped to reproduce just about anything related to furniture, from spindles to legs, or missing arms or missing rails, no problem, remember our motto "If it's wood we can make it or repair it ! ".

Some of our services include: antique furniture, wicker, cane, wood, scratches repair. Contact us if you need a specialized repair.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you repair Inlaid Veneers ?
    • Yes, we have vast experience working with Veneer, we keep a good assortment of all popular species in stock, plus exotics like Rosewood, Ebony, Italian Ebony,Zebrawood and many more.
  • Do you repair Wicker?
    • Yes , we do, from small repairs to major Reweaving jobs, we do it all in our shop, not only Wicker , but Rattan and Bamboo too.
  • Do you Recane?
    • Yes we do all different types right here in our shop. Machine Cane, Hand Cane, Porch Cane, French Cane, Rush seats, Ash Splint, Danish Twist Cord, Basket Weaves, Raffia, Radio Net, Twills , Herring Bone even RawHide and Shaker Tape.
  • Can you use Machine Cane on a Hand Caned job?
    • No,,,Not a good idea, only a butcher !
  • How can I tell what kind of Cane I have on my item?
    • Easy: Modern , newer furniture comes with Machine or Prewoven Cane which is tucked into a groove and held in place with a continuous piece of spline glued into the same grove. Older pieces have to be woven by hand , one strand at a time, There are holes drilled thru the seat around the perimeter of the frame, turn the chair over and if caning material is present you have hand cane.
  • What is French Cane?
    • Typically found on chair backs, it is hand woven but the cane never goes thru the back, in other words: the cane strands are put into a blind hole. A blind hole has only one opening.
  • My dog chewed up one leg on my table, can you fix it before my wife finds out?
    • Yes indeed, and there will be no trace of the damage.
  • Can you repair torn fabrics?
    • No we don’t repair fabrics or leather
  • Do you repair Objects of Art?
    • Yes we do.
  • Do you work on metal furniture repairs?
    • Yes, we do
  • Can you repair Recliners?
    • yYs we can. We do a few every year.
  • Do you repair Gilded Frames?
    • Yes, we can handle Plaster on Wood, Gesso, Paper Mache, and others.
  • We lost one of a pair of tables in a fire, can you make a reproduction?
    • Yes, and when we are finish you’ll have a hard time distinguishing. it's True !
  • We need our bed to be made wider and a little longer, can you do such a thing?
    • Yes, we’ve done it plenty of times before.
  • Can you build extra leaves for our dining table?
    • No problem, How many and what kind of wood?
  • We had our chairs re glued and they are loose again, why?
    • Without getting too technical, it simply was not done correctly
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